Hoburne, a family owned business since 1912, have seven holiday parks across the south west. We were appointed to help drive enquiries for their holiday home sales in order to help them achieve their ambitious sales targets.

The Challenge

Hoburne wanted to promote the benefits of UK holiday home ownership to families across the country.

Our Approach

Working with existing customer data, we were able to identify and segment key customer types on a park-by-park basis. We then used this data to identify geographic hot-spots for potential holiday home owners. This initial work enabled us to propose a marketing strategy which could be planned and deployed quickly, in order to capitalise on the key Easter sales period. The campaign included national press, radio and leaflet distribution, plus local press and online activity in each hotspot. Results from the initial work were good, and resulted in increased budgets for the Summer and Autumn activity.We also visited each of Hoburne’s parks, meeting with Park Managers and on-site sales staff in order to understand the nuances of each location and the types of customer most likely to purchase. We also researched local outdoor advertising opportunities and negotiated with owners of tourist attractions and destinations to open up more local advertising opportunities.

The Results

By November, Hoburne were reporting a 14% rise in holiday home sales.

“I would highly recommend Summerhouse!”

Pam Brookes, Marketing Manager