Barchester Healthcare are the third-largest care home business in the UK, with more than 200 homes throughout the country. Achieving occupancy level targets is key to their success.

The Challenge

Our brief is to raise awareness and generate enquiries, monitor media success, maximise efficiency of media spend and focus on the homes which have the highest vacancy levels.

Our Approach

Working with Barchester’s marketing team, we identify which homes would most benefit from marketing support, then prepare media recommendations specific to these homes. Typically the media mix will include regional press and magazines, radio and outdoor advertising. Often, other more local media are included, such as church, community magazines and post office displays. As part of our ongoing research, we regularly visit the locations of Barchester’s homes, looking for local opportunities and in particular identifying outdoor advertising opportunities only visible from a site visit. Once media plans are approved and media booked, we then work in partnership with Barchester’s team to manage the delivery of artwork. We also write and produce radio commercials to promote specific openings and events.

The Results

Our analytical approach has enabled Barchester to maintain consistently high level of occupancy across their estate, allocate their budget to the homes that need greatest support and create great interest in their new build homes.