Auto Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace with around 55 million monthly visits.

Auto Trader had established that vehicles that sit on forecourts for lengthy periods can cost the dealers many thousands of pounds per year. Although this can happen for many reasons, often it is because vehicles are priced incorrectly when compared to other vehicles available in the area, or there is low demand for that type of vehicle in their location.

The challenge

Auto Trader have developed a suite of data-driven products which provide insights to inform decisions regarding vehicle pricing, stock selection and location. Our task was to present and market the products to the motor trade.

Our approach

We created a memorable campaign based around the proposition ‘Unstick your stock’ explaining how dealers could sell their vehicles more quickly and become more profitable.

The concept of stock ‘sticking’ is well understood by dealers, therefore our solution was appealing. Using either Retail Check or Retail Accelerator would help dealers to unstick their stock by providing vehicle insights to help them re-price and relocate their stock. The proposition was substantiated with a series of compelling statistics and insights from the client and included a free one month trial period as an incentive to drive response. The campaign was deployed through direct mail, email and digital display.

The results

The initial activity generated immediate interest which led to significant uptake. The success of the initial burst has given the client confidence to implement an extended second burst during the summer of 2019.

"Summerhouse have really helped us improve our creative work, making it much more visually appealing."

Gavin White Product Marketing Lead, Auto Trader